I taught my very first class, a week-long seminar in HTML and PowerPoint, at age 12. Since then I have collected some 10 years of professional teaching experience. Please contact me to request any sample materials.

Instructor, University of California, Santa Barbara (2017)

  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Econ 100B)

A dozen reviews rate me 4.5/5.0 on [RateMyProfessors]. Here is one example:

“He really cares about his students and the ratings here speak to how respected and loved he is. Is the class hard? Yes it is. Will you learn? Yes you will. If you are looking for an easy A in Econ 100B, he may not be your first professor to target. But if you actually want to learn, which I hope is the case, this dude is the best in the econ dep.”

Instructor, Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (2014-present)

  • Fundamentals of Microeconomics (at Johns Hopkins U.)
  • Probability & Game Theory (at Loyola Marymount U.)
  • Game Theory & Economics (at U.C. Santa Cruz)

I enjoy mentoring the gifted youth, who are like family to me. Here is an [evaluation] of my teaching from the Academic Dean; the lecture that day was on public goods and common resources:

“I was impressed at how you related concepts to students’ own lives (a roommate space-sharing situation, for example)–and then expanded it to something larger (the shared space of the ocean, or the Earth’s atmosphere). You were consistently making the students think, even if they weren’t always aware of it! The “thought experiment” about food ordering was another good example. The students obviously respect you and enjoy the class: you win them over with a fresh approach, clear knowledge of the subject matter, and flexibility of instruction.”

Teaching Assistant, University of California, Santa Barbara (2012-present)

  • Principles of Microeconomics (Econ 1)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (Econ 2)
  • Introduction to Economics (Econ 9)
  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Econ 10A)
  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Econ 100B)
  • Introduction to Econometrics (Econ 140B)
  • Game Theory (Econ 171/271)

Founder & Director, Math Mentor San Diego (2009-2012)

I founded MMSD to share my philosophy of math as a creative art. Check out my former site, [www.mathmentorsd.com]! My program received an Honorable Mention on [RateMyTutor]:

“Standardized test preparation and top test scores are among their tutors’ talents. Their website is professional and “flashy” with a maverick, black theme. They also train students for math competitions or aspiring teachers for credential exams. Their strength is in their philosophy to develop sustainable, problem-solving skills and appreciation of math as a creative art.”