Cultivating one’s community also cultivates one’s self. Prior to my Ph.D., I worked in microfinance with [ACCION] helping low-income families develop small businesses in San Diego. I also organized fundraisers for village education programs, [Ekal Vidyalaya] and [Asha for Education]. To spark interest in maths locally, each year on Pi Day (March 14th), I write original puzzles and award real pies. Here is one example:

Three meteorites fall randomly on the moon’s surface. What is the probability a freely rotating hemisphere can simultaneously capture all three points?

Anyone with a sincere intent to better themselves I warmly welcome. During my Ph.D., I volunteered training top UCSB math undergrads for the [Putnam] competition. Equally, I tutored pro-bono for remedial students who wished to pursue economics but lacked math foundations. I then supervised a microeconomics tutoring program our department created to support transfer students.

I respect all individuals as fellow humans. I have a bachelor’s in anthropology and am literate in Vietnamese, Spanish, and Hindi; here is a [recommendation] supporting my sociocultural awareness. In summer 2015, I took the initiative to study at the [United Nations] in New York to learn more about the new Sustainable Development Goals (2030 SDGs) and how I as an economist might contribute.

I look forward to collaborating with other social scientists to empower all peoples.